Kids and Toilets

Our toilet stopped working a few days ago. We used the snake on it as usual, but the little one we had just WASNT working. We rented a big snake, and tried that. Still no dice.

After trying everything else, my husband removed the toilet from the floor. Thats no easy task, mind you, on a toilet that hasnt been moved in who-knows-how-long!!

Well, guess what treasures awaited us?! After removing one pair of training underwear, a toilet paper roll holder, a lid, and a toy wooden dog, our toilet works again!!

Of course, I had to spend a while today cleaning that bathroom, since removing the toilet and all was not exactly a clean task.

Brecken was traumatized by seeing the toilet in the bathtub and Papa pulling out all his treasures. I do NOT think he will be putting anything in it again anytime soon!

One can only hope…

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