The Nightweaning Saga

I have been attempting to wean Brecken from nightnursing since he was around 18months to NO avail. Last night, I must say, was the most successful night EVER! Its not that he didnt nurse, but his 1 or 2 nursing sessions were very short (2-3 min), before I was able to unlatch him without a complete meltdown, and have him fall peacefully back to sleep!!!

I have been telling him that after he goes to sleep, he doesnt get to nurse again until “the lights are on outside” (his expression for the sun coming up). So this morning he wakes up, and says “Mama, the lights are on!” and nursed really well.

He also was dry for 4 nights in a row, before wetting overnight. That is the longest so far. I’m waiting for him to be dry for 7 nights before trying to be diaper free at night.

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