Struggling with Your OWN Parents

Why is it, that our parents are so offended when we choose to parent differently than they parented us? Why is it BAD that we want to improve upon the way we were parented, whether that be just a little, or a total overhaul?

I HOPE that my children choose to improve on my parenting. How else is the world going to get better?

Why do our children need to be CONTROLLED. Do you like being controlled? I sure dont. I try to guide and direct my children, just like I would like to be guided and directed.

How can we expect respect and trust with our kids, if we dont give it ourselves? And are not the first 5 years the most important time in which to establish that?

Might does not make right. I actually give my son the option of saying no to things I ask of him. Are you gasping for breath? Isnt teaching them to say no (within reason) just as important as teaching them to say yes?

I dont want my kids submitting to authority just BECAUSE its “the authority”. Question everything, is my motto. If you can have love and respect for that authority, than by all means you will want to submit to it, whether its parent-child, husband-wife, teacher-student, employer-employee.

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One Response to Struggling with Your OWN Parents

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Hello from another odd mother!

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