Poor Tooth

Well, the visit with the dentist went well, all things considered. He said the root of the tooth was bruised, and that if the blood vessels dont repair, the tooth will die and probably have to be removed. You could move the tooth (though I couldnt on Fri. when it happened, or maybe I didnt try hard enough?).

He did smooth the edges though, so now it doesnt feel like needles while nursing, and will hopefully not require Ronan needing stitches if he takes another bad fall.

We went to a pediatric office, and I was really impressed with the staff and customer service. I avoided our local ped dentist office, because I’d heard bad things about it. This one was the next town over. The dentist has 4 young children himself, so I think that makes him more in-tune than an older dentist (not always, but ykwim).

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