Whirlwind of a Week!

Its been quite a week here at the Odd Mothers family abode. We’ve had Mama Drama (my mom), Brecken attended his first birthday party for a friend.

Ronan chipped (or should I say BROKE) his tooth. We were at the store and I ran down an aisle to get some chocolate. I didnt realize that Ronan was now riding the bike that Brecken had been, and Nathan was listening to this lady we bumped into there tell us about how her daughter died. (Not the kind of conversation you have every day with a stranger in the store) We were both so consumed by the sadness of her story, that our eyes were off the kids long enough for Brecken to be tired of Ronan riding the bike and push him off. He took a MAJOR face plant.

His tooth is now quite sharp, and its been painful to nurse him. Of course, today he had to bump his face into the cabinet, and cut his lip pretty bad. He was gushing blood, didnt need stitches or anything.

I called the emergency dentist, and they are going to fit him in tomorrow to take care of his tooth. My poor baby!!!

I’ve had a hard time not being TOTALLY PISSED at Brecken, every time I see Ronans tooth! I know thats not fair, I need to move on, but it just makes my heart ache. Ronan had already busted his lip open 2 or 3 times prior to the tooth chipping incedent.

We are going out of town for a couple of weeks, so I might be hit and miss on my blog until we get back!

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