Foods for the pickiest?!

I need ideas for good (healthy-ish) foods for a very picky eater. My nearly 3 year old is still nursing, alot. I would like to cut back on that, but I cant feel good about it, until I can get him eating some more foods. Help!

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4 Responses to Foods for the pickiest?!

  1. Beth says:

    I agree if he’s full he won’t have any need to try other foods. It’s hard though cause you don’t want him to go hungry because he hits a stubborn streak. I say just keep trying things, he can’t hate everything! šŸ™‚ On a general note…miss you! And you’re really not that odd my dear šŸ™‚

  2. Kristin says:

    I have big kids that are picky, we started cooking the Deceptively Delicious recipes and it’s working! I wrote about it on my blog.

  3. Edi says:

    You mentioned that you’d like to cut back on the nursing but haven’t b/c worried he’s not eating enough…I wonder if it’s kind of backwards. That maybe if he isn’t nursing so much – he will eat more??If he’s getting his fill of milk – why would he want to eat something else??

  4. Robin says:

    How wonderful that he’s still nursing, that way you can be confident that he’s getting excellent nutrition as he transitions to more table food.Have you tried a snack tray? You could take a plate or sectioned tray full of healthy snacks (raisins, cut up fruit, nuts IF allergies aren’t a concern, cubes of cheese, etc.) and just leave it where he can reach it throughout the day. Left to is own devices, he may eat more.As the mom of one who was a super picky toddler/preschooler, and another who has actual food issues, my best advice is to keep offering, but to be very careful NOT to make it into a power struggle. You won’t win.Another suggestion would be to offer “fun” options – sandwiches cut into fun shapes with cookie cutters, sandwich “faces” (spread whatever he’ll eat on a slice of bread and offer cut up vegetables, etc. to make “faces”), fruit and a healthy dip, and my secret weapon – full meal muffins.Hang in there, he’ll start eating more when he’s ready.

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