Dentist update!

Well, both boys had a dentist appointment today.

The prognosis for Ronans tooth (the one that almost got knocked out when his brother pushed him off the bike), is good. Its healing well, and the dentist is hopeful that we wont have to remove it. He has to go back in 6 months for a check up.

Brecken FUH-REAKED when the dentist wanted to look in his mouth. I had tried to prepare him, by role playing and talking about it, but to no avail apparently! He has several cavities that need filled, and they want to put him under general anestesia to do so. We are not sure about going that route yet, and are going to do a little research on it.

PSA: Do not feed your children too much dried fruit. That was the major cause of Breckens cavities, since for awhile that was just about ALL I could get him to eat, but its about as bad as candy as far as tooth decay is concerned!

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