Alternative Dentistry

I went researching, since I really dont want to put my almost 3 year old under general anestesia for a few cavities. It sounds like if we use xylitol several times a day, it can help keep his teeth very healthy and remineralize them. I found alot of information at

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2 Responses to Alternative Dentistry

  1. Skayabs says:

    Hey Liz, I understand your concern. Many parents are worried about having their children undergo anaesthsia at a young age. Xylitol is a great way to lower the caries rate in your children. In my office at the Jonathan Dental Spa we have the ability to eradicate decay with our patented Ozone machine, which is painless and take about 1 minute er tooth.Good Luck.Dr. Jonathan Abenaim DMD FICOI

  2. Liz says:

    Hey, Lisser!I’ve had very good luck with xylitol with my kids. DD had five cavities and a crown that had to happen but has had no further decay since using xylitol. DS’s teeth are great and apparently have benefited from the xylitol I myself took, since he is and was nursing. So good luck! Also check out the Epic Dental Cavity-Free Club when your kids are old enough to chew gum. DD likes all the products but the mouthwash. She also gets powdered xylitol morning and night to take with her medication. LizBookLover

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