Victoria's Secret Nursing Bras.

Yep. Finally. “THE” Company for all things lingerie, has decided that breastfeeding women are important enough to “cover”. Not important enough, mind you, to take up shelf space in an ACTUAL store, but, as of a couple of years ago, neither is anyone who is a DD. And if you happen to be one of the MANY women larger than a DD, forget it. They dont care about you at all.

Too bad VS bras are CRAP for quality, and OUTRAGEOUS for price, given the lack of quality. I used to be a die-hard VS fan, but now I’m not. AT.ALL.

Oh, and I went to a nurse in a couple of years ago, because they REFUSED to let a nursing mom nurse…in the dressing room. No one would’ve even seen her!

The final straw was that combined with no longer carrying their DD size in stores anymore.

Of course, now I couldnt fit into a DD if I tried…nursing does that!

I say, too little, too late VS.

Check out Bella Materna, for REALLY great nursing wear in a variety of sizes, styles, and price ranges. I LOVE my Bella Materna Bras.

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One Response to Victoria's Secret Nursing Bras.

  1. Kellet says:

    I’m actually very glad they are selling nursing bras now, because I have been boycotting them until now. I am very very hard to fit a bra, and have tried every store and brand and VS bras are simply the only brand that fits me, and comfortably. So I’ve basically been bra-less the last 3 years, or wearing ones that don’t quite fit. Now, I can go shopping for some true comfort and fit!

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