Radical Life Changes

I have been a bit scarce, and that is because we are transitioning…again. Its time to purge. We want to move forward with a fresh start. We are selling our home, our cars, most furniture of value, and giving away anything that brings up negative emotions, especially things acquired during our previous relationships. We feel its time to rid our lives of all the negative energy.

Drastic? Yes. But what will we gain? Financial freedom, as we will be 90%+ debt free, after everything is said and done. We will then have the ability to save for a down payment on a house of OUR choosing together. We have yet to own a home that we picked out together. With financial freedom comes freedom to spend your time and money where you REALLY want to spend it. And that is priceless. Not too mention that less STUFF means less cleaning, fixing, repairing and moving of said stuff!

We are hoping to be able to rent a nice home in the country, until we can afford to buy one, but we may end up having to relocate back in town for a couple of years, if that doesnt happen.

It will be SO worth it though, to not have so much debt hanging over us, and being controlled by who we have to pay when. We have sacrificed basically everything to fight for my stepsons. Its now time to get our lives back on track.

Starting with my new haircut.

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