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Unschooling Update, feeling successful!

So far, I havent blogged much about unschooling. Neither of my boys are “school age”, but I’m so impressed how letting them lead in their learning is going. Over a month ago, Brecken got a piece of paper and wrote … Continue reading

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Potty Learning

Its that time! Ronan has become very interested in potty learning. He peed 5 or so times on his little potty the other day. How EXCITING! Of course, anyone who has ever been through potty learning with a child knows … Continue reading

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New Pictures

At the park: At Home: Its only when he’s sleeping! Driving cars Future X-treme Sk8r A frog, he found a caught ALL BY HIMSELF!!

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Quote of the Week ~ Have Goals!

The life that conquers is the life that moves with a steady resolution and persistence toward a predetermined goal. Those who succeed are those who have thoroughly learned the immense importance of plan in life, and the tragic brevity of … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Breastfeeding

This is a beautiful representation of breastfeeding. It is for a breastfeeding public awareness campaign in Puerto Rico. Can you imagine the outrage if this were shown in the US? How sad. As a side note: You probably dont want … Continue reading

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Daily Life

Really, I do need to do this more. I have so many little funnies. Daily Life these days has been full of all kinds of interesting things. Take today, for example, I had the boys outside, and Brecken came up … Continue reading

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