Potty Learning

Its that time! Ronan has become very interested in potty learning. He peed 5 or so times on his little potty the other day. How EXCITING! Of course, anyone who has ever been through potty learning with a child knows that you get about as many accidents as you do successful potty attempts!

With Brecken we used Elimination Communication(EC) from 3-6months. He went on the potty (pee and poo!) nearly every day. At 6 months, I had to have emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy, and was not supposed to lift him at all for six weeks (I only survived about 3)! That ended our EC for the time being. Around 18 months, he all the sudden was interested in the potty, and by the time he was 20m (Ronans age now), he was 90% daytime potty learned.

So, this time around is all new for me. I’m actually surprised that Ronan is showing interest so young, I really wasnt expecting him to learn until 3 or so, since he hasnt had the benefit of EC.

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