Unschooling Update, feeling successful!

So far, I havent blogged much about unschooling. Neither of my boys are “school age”, but I’m so impressed how letting them lead in their learning is going.

Over a month ago, Brecken got a piece of paper and wrote a “B” on it…and it actually LOOKED LIKE A “B”!! He’s been interested in his name for awhile, and I’ve written dozens of “B’s” for him during the last several months.

He also drew a circle (and told me thats what it was), with out my assistance!

Now he is showing a great interest in reading, even though I’ve been less than diligent about reading aloud to him. He is wanting to know what particular words say,etc.

It has been a good, though unexpected, lesson in trusting in your childs ability to learn what they need to know, just like they learned to sit, crawl, and walk, when they were ready to do it.

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