At the Doctor

I took Brecken to the doctor yesterday. He has been getting sick A LOT the last 2 winters, and I have been wondering if he might have a parasite or something.

The doctor said that it can often take a child 1-2 winters to really adjust to the new germ pool, and that given that he has gotten sick less this year, than last, that was a good sign. Apparently only having one major illness a year, like I was used to, is the exception, rather than the rule.

I’m happy to have the peace of mind. And this time she didnt even give me a hard time about our vaccination status! Last time she told me “it was the best gift I could give my kids.” No, thanks, I’ll pass on the 1 in 64 rate of boys who have autism (1 in 150 in general).

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One Response to At the Doctor

  1. Huh! Good to know! I would have worried too 🙂

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