Dont try this at home!!

We recently got a couple of LED night lights. One for the little boys room, and one for the bathroom. The idea was that it would hopefully encourage Brecken to sleep through the night and/or wake up and get up to pee instead of wetting the bed. It has worked in that regard, however, the day after we first plugged them in, I was upstairs with the boys, taking down the hideous wallpaper in their room. This has been an ongoing project, because there is a couple of layers of paper, and its a time consuming endeavor.

Well, the boys started fighting over the night light, and I grabbed Ronan because he was hitting Brecken, etc. So, I’ve got Ronan and I’m talking to him, and I turn to Brecken, getting ready to tell him to quit messing with the light, and all the sudden sparks and smoke start flying out of the outlet.

I freaked out and was semi-yelling at Brecken, still not knowing exactly what happened. I dragged both kids downstairs so that I could turn off the breaker, then went back upstairs to unplug the nightlight.

What I found was this:



Needless to say, Brecken has a much clearer understanding of what electricty is now. He was very upset that his nightlight was ruined. Although, actually it wasnt, but I didnt know that at the time.

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3 Responses to Dont try this at home!!

  1. Ruth Leandra says:

    haha…oh brecken. i can just picture him crying because it was broken. what a little cutie.

  2. Patty says:

    oh wow! My older brother learned about electricity by unplugging the lamp with his teeth. So glad everyone is ok!

  3. Oh no! That was a close one! Did you spring a few new gray hairs!? Glad everyone’s OK!

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