Couch to 5k~ Gettin' my butt movin!

Today was week one day one for my Couch to 5k adventure. Let me preface this by saying, I hate, Hate, HATE, running. However I love, Love, LOVE being thin and in shape. I also have ridiculously enormous bosoms, that have always made running much more horrible than it is all by itself. I’m currently wearing an older (though rarely used) heavy duty sports bra from Title 9, but its definitely a few cup sizes too small, and I squish out all over.

I have my eye on a super-duper-over-the-shoulder-ridiculously-large-bosom-holder from Enell. But at $65 a pop, I’m gonna have to wait for a bit!

I had a good run/walk this morning. I did alot better than I thought I would. I am just running around our property for now. We have about 1/4 mile long drive way, and a couple acre pasture that I can run around. Unfortunately we live half way down a hill, near a major road, and walking from my house is either not safe (from the front), or uphill for over a mile (out the back). While it may be great terrain for me *in the future*, right now, with my slightly chubby and out of shape self, its not practical. I can also, not take the kids and run at the same time, but I CAN let them play in the yard while I run around outside.

Once my step sons go back to their moms at the end of the summer, I will be able to take them to the new rec center, and run the track if I want, while they play in kiddie land.

This is a 9 week program, btw.

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