Will you hold my cigarette for me?

We spent the day at the beach today, and as usual there were lots of interesting people. Towards the end of the day, I was hanging out by the waters edge, watching my boys play, when a totally random lady who was a few feet out in the water w/ her 3yo asked me if I would mind putting her cigarette on the beach for her. I looked at her with only about half of the disgust I had in my mind, and shook my head.

A short while later, I was back at our table, and they were nearby. I heard her telling her friends, “I asked them to take my cigarette, because you know I was like trying to watch my kid, and they said no, I mean, I didnt just want to throw it in the water.” They were all aghast, as if I’d committed some horrible crime because a)I did not want to touch something that had just been in the mouth of a person I did not know b) I did not want to contribute to the nasty filth of cigarette litter on our planet and c) did the three feet from the edge of the water, to the beach sand where her friend ended up tossing it REALLY matter?

I was half tempted to go ask her if she would mind holding my chewing gum for a moment.

OH, and said group of people were also busted for beer, on a very explicit and well signed beach that states NO ALCOHOL.

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2 Responses to Will you hold my cigarette for me?

  1. Ruth Leandra says:

    haha. thats hilarious. i wish you did ask her to hold your gum.

  2. Ummmmmm…..eeeeeeew! What was that woman thinking!?

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