C25K Update

Well, my running hasnt gone as planned. I injured myself at the end of week 2. The last couple of weeks I’ve only ran half of a week one workout. Other than that I’ve done pilates, and I’m walking 2-4 miles every Friday with my moms group. THAT has been fun, and good exercise. Last Friday we went to Tubbs Hill, its a two mile hike, mostly uphill, not sure how they managed that, but they did. I hiked it carrying Ronan (who weighs in at 31.5lbs). Talk about a workout! The scenery was gorgeous, and the weather perfect. Near the end, Brecken took a tumble down a small hillside. I was trying to take his picture, and told him to STAND BY THE TREE. Well, he got all goofy and ended up backing over the edge, and rolled about 4 ft. I hopped down to get him. Well, it wasnt exactly hopping, since I also had Ronan on my back. Some fellow hikers helped us back up the hill. Keenan overheard them talking crap about me. You know, I should not have LET him fall over the edge. Yes, because I *knew* he was going to get all goofy at that precise moment. As if I didnt already feel bad enough. I mean no one wants their baby to get hurt. I did get a picture though, of the second right before he tumbled down the hill. We both ended up with a few small thorns from the rosebush, and wounded pride, but other than that, everyone was okay.

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