Adventures in Q'emiln Park

Today was another Friday hike. We headed to Q’emiln park. I’ve never been. We arrived around 11am, and hit the trail. We didnt have a good map, and the trail markers were rather pathetic. We wanted to cross the little canyon, but could not seem to find the proper trail to do so. The last trail we took, brought us to a ledge:


Did that stop us? Oh, no. My friend shimmied down first, and I handed the 3 small kids down to her. Aeden jumped from the higher ledge on the far right to the lower ledge in the middle, and climbed down. I mananged to shimmy down too. Then there was Keenan. He is afraid of heights. But, after a few minutes, even he gathered the courage, and climbed down.

We hiked down into the canyon along side a gorgeous rock ledge. Keep in mind my friend and I were wearing babies on our backs, and we also had a 4, 5, 9 and 12yo with us.

Here is the rock ledge we hiked along:


We got down to the bottom of the canyon, and stopped for lunch. There were alot of wildflowers blooming. I didnt get any really good pictures, because its difficult when you have a wiggly child on your back.


It took us a while to find a trail back out, but we eventually did, and stumbled upon some cherry trees. They cherries were SO ripe, sweet, and delicious. We must have picked close to a pound or two!




All in all, it was a super fun hike, and one we will be sure to never forget!!


About lisser

My name is Alyssa. I live with my husband and 2 young boys on our farm in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. I have been in the planning to launch a small scale farm from our acreage for the last 2 years. Much to my excitement 2010 brings the start of my dream to fruition. We are starting small, but will continue to grow as a valuable local food source in our community. We are an unschooling, attachment parenting family, with a love for the outdoors, and a passion for sustainable farming. I am a stay (and now work) at home mom. I enjoy reading, sewing, cooking/baking, canning and photography.
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One Response to Adventures in Q'emiln Park

  1. Nice Lisser! Sounds perfect. :)I especially love the cherry find at the end. ~Shay

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