Silverwood Theme Park Review

Compliments of some friends of ours, we recently went to Silverwood Theme Park. I’m not really a fan of theme parks. I cant ride hardly any rides, and for the money, I just cant justify a ticket.

I must say, I was THOROUGHLY impressed with this park. I have spent a day at Disney World, a few at Disney Land, and a handful at Six Flags Elitch Gardens in Denver. Hands down, Silverwood was my favorite. Sure, its cool to see the characters at Disney etc. What impressed me about Silverwood is the amount of GREEN they had. There was a LOT of grass, trees, shade, benches, bathrooms, etc. There was fun for the WHOLE family.

We have 4 boys ranging from 12 down to 2, each and every one of them had a ball! The younger two 4 and 2.5, had never been to a theme park before. They went on all the kiddie rides, and had loads of fun at Boulder Beach, which is the waterpark attached to Silverwood (all for the same price!).

Really, you could spend an entire day in each park alone. We were there about a half hour after opening, until after close (the stores are open for 30 min after the park closes).

I would HIGHLY recommend this theme park as a family destination. You are not supposed to bring food and drinks, but we did bring some snacks and water bottles. No one went through our bags, though they do reserve the right.

Here are some pictures of the little boys on their first rides:


Their first ride ever.



Self portraits on the Ferris Wheel.


Ronan looking at how high we were.


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