Yesterday morning we finally got THE CALL. Every morning since Wednesday, the kids have been popping out of bed early, and rushing down to ask. DID THEY CALL? Are they HERE?!

Well, finally, IT WAS THE DAY. I had originally planned on running to town myself, but no such luck, as I had 4 little boys looking at me, about ready to explode with excitement. So, at 6:30am we all loaded up and headed to town to get our chicks.

They arrived safe and sound, with only one loss. They were quite chipper, and eagerly ate and drank as I put them into their pen. I dipped each of their beaks first in water (that I added Quik Chik to), and then in food.




After a couple of hours, I let the boys hold them. They were SOOOOOOOO thrilled!




And later that afternoon, even my husband couldnt resist their cuteness!



Not only that, but he had the older boys catch them a couple of small grasshoppers. You should have seen them. The chicks were HISTERICAL! They were running around, chasing each other, vying for a turn. Wore their little selves out. They also have been eating the clover that is in their pen.

They are SO darling. All told we have 53. I’m guessing 9 or 10 different breeds, but its hard to tell them apart at so young an age. I ordered a variety package, so its a surprise as to what breeds I will actually have. I will have “Rainbow Layers” and “Brown Egg Layers.”

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