The Picky Eaters Adventure

I am a picky eater. I always have been. I hated fighting with my parents over food. Nothing says dinner time fun like the timer being set, and the threat of a spanking if you dont finish your food before it beeps. I now know that I have some sensory issues regarding food. Most of those “battle foods” from my childhood, are foods that even today I will not eat: Tuna, egg salad, mashed potatoes, a glass of plain milk, and most types of cooked veggies. It was so bad sometimes, that I puked on my plate. It wasnt intentional or spiteful, but the textures and flavors were so repulsive at times, it was impossible to keep it down.

I have since learned that there are people who are considered “super tasters”. I believe I fall into this category, though I also have sensory (texture) issues, with some of the things I listed.

That being said, I am finding more ways to incorporate veggies, especially, into my diet. I have learned that I like most of my veggies fresh. I also find the taste of organic produce to be FAR superior to its non-organic counterparts. I am very excited to start a garden because I can grow the things I like, and harvest them while they are still smaller and sweeter, thus avoiding the bitterness and off flavor that I do not care for.

Well, that was a little longer history lesson than I was planning, but all that to say that my very picky 4 year old has been eating new foods left and right. I am SO thrilled. I routinely serve, or ask if they want, food that they may have previously said they do not like or want. For example, I will put a bit of it on their plate, but they are not required to eat it, sometimes they taste it, sometimes they dont. Just in the last 10 days, the new foods that Brecken has tried and liked and ATE have been: Grapes, watermelon, pinto bean burrito, and split pea soup. He even tried some salad, though he didnt yet care for the texture.

I am really amazed, and I am hoping that he will continue adventures in food, just as I am. I am also glad to know the reasons behind WHY I have always been a picky eater, and perhaps why others (even my own children) are as well.

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