Its really working!

I strongly believe in the Unschooling philosophy of learning. I believe children can learn anything they want to, at any age they are ready, without restriction or arbitrary guidelines as to how or when. That being said, having been raised in a traditional school type environment, it doesnt mean I never wonder if I’m taking the right approach. I feel so encouraged every day, that I AM doing the right thing (for now, it could always change).

Brecken is my kinesthetic child. Who cares about coloring or crafts, lets PLAY and make MESSES! Everything must be touched, felt, and experienced by or with the body. He wouldnt sit still for a story, like most kids, at age 3. I rolled with that, and we have done a lot of active things.

The last 2-3 months he has just completely BLOSSOMED. He loves listening to stories, and he will now sit and “read” stories to his brother. Green Eggs and Ham is a favorite. He is starting to write letters and numbers. All of this is of his own free will.

We have those magnetic writing board things. He brings them to me and asks me to write peoples names, or other letters or numbers.

I am truly just amazed. No flash cards, no drills, no “seatwork”, and most of all, no tears. Just the pure love and joy of learning, because he wants to.

Ronan, who is more inclined towards books etc at 3 than Brecken was, is also reading, and attempting to write, alongside Brecken. Its so exciting to see.

And I will leave you with this. Brecken 4.5, Self Portrait


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