Baby Robins in the Spring

Its not quite spring. Check that, where I live, its not ANYWHERE near spring yet. But, because I WISH it were, I am posting this series of photos I took last “spring”, which happened to be the early part of June.

We discovered the eggs on June 9th.

On June 13th:

June 14th:

June 18th:

I wish I could say we got to watch these darling little birds grow up and fledge their nest, but that is not the case. June 2010 was an incredibly rainy month up here in the Idaho panhandle. We got a horrible torrential rain storm, complete with thrashing winds, which are rare, here in the northwest. I went to check on the robins first thing the next day. Their nest had tipped during the night, leaving two babies on the ground. One was barely alive, and I put it back in its nest, after I straightened it back upright.

June 19th:

Unfortunately, another torrential overnight downpour occurred, and the mother abandoned her nest.  There were two barely surviving chicks, they were cold and wet.  I brought them inside, and did the best I could to nurse them to health. We fed them worms, softened chick starter, and kept them warming under a heat lamp. In spite of our best efforts, and much to my childrens sadness, the little birds did not make it.

We really enjoyed the short time we had observing their little lives though.

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One Response to Baby Robins in the Spring

  1. Oh my goodness!!! These are so tiny and sweet. Bummer the little darlings didn’t make it but what a very cool experience for you and your family!

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