World travel begins at home

We have a lofty goal of traveling the world with our children. This is one of our primary reason for unschooling. What better way to learn about the world than to actually physically experience it? I cant think of one.

World travel sounds exhilarating. Everyone wants to do it. But what about what is in your own backyard, neighborhood, city, state, or geographical region? How many people live somewhere for years, maybe even decades, but they’ve never *experienced* it? Maybe they move, and someone says, “Oh, you used to live in ______, I’ve been there, they have a really awesome _______. ” And the person replies, “Oh, I’ve heard about that, but never bothered to go see it.” Which is usually followed by….”But I always wanted to.”

My mother, who blogs over at Birds O’ the Morning, is who taught me the value of “local tourism”. She took us all over our local area to see the sites, visit the museums, and get to know the local outdoor habitat and mountains.

In the spirit of local travel, the next few years of our lives, will be spent growing our farm, growing our children, and traveling to visit and explore places withing reasonable driving distance of our home. The possibilities are ENDLESS…and yet the whole world still awaits!

Happy Trails!

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One Response to World travel begins at home

  1. I taught you that? Very cool. We still do it here in Loveland and vicinity. Who knows what awaits when you head out that front door! Adventure.

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