Wanderlust, its in my blood

Yes, it is. I seem to come from a long line of travelers and adventurers. I’m no different. Except that I have 3-4 extra people at any given time, who would want to come along. Traveling is very high on our to-do list. We have a great short term plan, of exploring our own neighborhood, but we have two rather polar goals, that will somehow need to be melded together.

We want to farm, growing/raising most of our food, and contributing to the local food movement in our community.
We want to travel extensively with our children, giving them a international and entrepreneurial outlook on life.

Can we do both? Yes. How? Well, I’m not sure yet, but as I figure it out over the next few years, I’ll let you know.

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One Response to Wanderlust, its in my blood

  1. cjepp says:

    I agree. Awesome goals!

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