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Can you play the Heffalump song?

The other day Brecken (5) wanted me to play the Heffalump song. Great, except I had NO IDEA what he was talking about. I asked him to sing some of it for me and he said “Dont Heffalump, dont Heffalump”, … Continue reading

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This child can be so very insistent. I was giving the boys haircuts tonight, and he INSISTED he wanted to be like Papa. So here he is: No, this really wasnt the haircut I wanted to give him, but its … Continue reading

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Oh the things they can think!

Just because your little brother can wear cylinders on his legs like tribal bracelets…doesnt mean you can. SOOOOO tired from hiking he crashed out right inside the door. Out COLD! Seriously, DO NOT ask your children to share ice cream. … Continue reading

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C25K Update

Well, my running hasnt gone as planned. I injured myself at the end of week 2. The last couple of weeks I’ve only ran half of a week one workout. Other than that I’ve done pilates, and I’m walking 2-4 … Continue reading

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Dont try this at home!!

We recently got a couple of LED night lights. One for the little boys room, and one for the bathroom. The idea was that it would hopefully encourage Brecken to sleep through the night and/or wake up and get up … Continue reading

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I totally should've gotten that on video!

Backstory: My mom sent Brecken an early birthday gift in the mail. It was a pink shirt. Had I anticipated his amazing and funny expressions I would have video-taped him opening it. So I turned to Nathan and said “I … Continue reading

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Look, Mom! It matches!!

A couple of weeks ago we were at the mall. Just doing the regular mall stuff of walking around, window shopping etc. Brecken was behind me, and I turned around to make sure he was ok, and get him to … Continue reading

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