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World travel begins at home

We have a lofty goal of traveling the world with our children. This is one of our primary reason for unschooling. What better way to learn about the world than to actually physically experience it? I cant think of one. … Continue reading

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He wrote the whole alphabet!

Brecken (5y9m) is on the verge of reading. His interest in letters and words has just exploded over the past year and a half or so. This is the son, who, when three years old could barely sit still long … Continue reading

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Baby Robins in the Spring

Its not quite spring. Check that, where I live, its not ANYWHERE near spring yet. But, because I WISH it were, I am posting this series of photos I took last “spring”, which happened to be the early part of … Continue reading

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Budding Artists

Brecken is really getting into drawing (and having me photograph his work) This is him with Ronan. Do you see the X and the curly hair? These are paintings we did for the annual North Idaho Natural Families homeschool showoff … Continue reading

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Its really working!

I strongly believe in the Unschooling philosophy of learning. I believe children can learn anything they want to, at any age they are ready, without restriction or arbitrary guidelines as to how or when. That being said, having been raised … Continue reading

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Dont try this at home!!

We recently got a couple of LED night lights. One for the little boys room, and one for the bathroom. The idea was that it would hopefully encourage Brecken to sleep through the night and/or wake up and get up … Continue reading

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Talkers, Watchers, Doers ~ A review

I just finished reading Talkers, Watchers, Doers by Cheri Fuller. It is an excellent book on working with your childs unique learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses. Not only did I learn how to help my children better, but I also … Continue reading

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