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Milk is GROSS…

I was asking Brecken if he wanted some milk this morning…his reply… “Milk is gross, I want coffee.” He gets the occasional mostly milk latte, since Nathan likes to drink coffee. Advertisements

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Face Injury ~ Could've been WORSE!

Brecken fell out of my husbands 4runner today. My husband was cleaning it out, and had the doors open. Brecken was kind of playing around in the back seat, and I was JUST walking around to get him out, thinking … Continue reading

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To Market, To Market

House goes on the market, officially, on Monday. We have been scrubbing, cleaning, caulking, repairing, decluttering, packing, and dealing with cranky sick kiddos in the mean time! Its been a BUSY and TIRING 10 days or so, but we are … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week ~ Sacrifice

The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become. This is a very relevant reminder during this time of cleansing in our lives. We must sacrifice now, so … Continue reading

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Radical Life Changes

I have been a bit scarce, and that is because we are transitioning…again. Its time to purge. We want to move forward with a fresh start. We are selling our home, our cars, most furniture of value, and giving away … Continue reading

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Breckens Prayer

We usually say grace before dinner. Well, the other night, Brecken was “praying” under his breath as Nathan was saying grace. What do I hear? “Thank you for my chair, and my monster truck.” I was trying so hard to … Continue reading

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First Letter!

Brecken has been showing interest in letters for the past several months. When he’d bring me letters I’d tell him what they are, and we have these foam letters that he plays with in the bathtub. During the last few … Continue reading

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