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Baby Robins in the Spring

Its not quite spring. Check that, where I live, its not ANYWHERE near spring yet. But, because I WISH it were, I am posting this series of photos I took last “spring”, which happened to be the early part of … Continue reading

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This child can be so very insistent. I was giving the boys haircuts tonight, and he INSISTED he wanted to be like Papa. So here he is: No, this really wasnt the haircut I wanted to give him, but its … Continue reading

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Budding Artists

Brecken is really getting into drawing (and having me photograph his work) This is him with Ronan. Do you see the X and the curly hair? These are paintings we did for the annual North Idaho Natural Families homeschool showoff … Continue reading

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From cute chicks, to plump pullets

Then: Now: This photo was taken today. Yes, early Feb. in North Idaho and there is NO SNOW on the ground. Talk about weird!

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Its really working!

I strongly believe in the Unschooling philosophy of learning. I believe children can learn anything they want to, at any age they are ready, without restriction or arbitrary guidelines as to how or when. That being said, having been raised … Continue reading

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Yesterday morning we finally got THE CALL. Every morning since Wednesday, the kids have been popping out of bed early, and rushing down to ask. DID THEY CALL? Are they HERE?! Well, finally, IT WAS THE DAY. I had originally … Continue reading

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Silverwood Theme Park Review

Compliments of some friends of ours, we recently went to Silverwood Theme Park. I’m not really a fan of theme parks. I cant ride hardly any rides, and for the money, I just cant justify a ticket. I must say, … Continue reading

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