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The Picky Eaters Adventure

I am a picky eater. I always have been. I hated fighting with my parents over food. Nothing says dinner time fun like the timer being set, and the threat of a spanking if you dont finish your food before … Continue reading

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LOADS of Manure

We had two dumptruck loads of horse manure delivered last week. Its somewhat mixed with bedding, and we will be spreading it over our fields, and using it our garden beds. All we had to pay was a bit of … Continue reading

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Chicks – Day 3

We lost 3 chicks. Two over night on Saturday, and one last night. Not sure why, it just happens sometimes. Yesterday morning I woke up to pouring rain. I went out (at 5:30am!), to check on the chicks, since I … Continue reading

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Yesterday morning we finally got THE CALL. Every morning since Wednesday, the kids have been popping out of bed early, and rushing down to ask. DID THEY CALL? Are they HERE?! Well, finally, IT WAS THE DAY. I had originally … Continue reading

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Silverwood Theme Park Review

Compliments of some friends of ours, we recently went to Silverwood Theme Park. I’m not really a fan of theme parks. I cant ride hardly any rides, and for the money, I just cant justify a ticket. I must say, … Continue reading

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Oh the things they can think!

Just because your little brother can wear cylinders on his legs like tribal bracelets…doesnt mean you can. SOOOOO tired from hiking he crashed out right inside the door. Out COLD! Seriously, DO NOT ask your children to share ice cream. … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Chicks

Went out and got the supplies I needed to finish getting ready for the chicks. I spent less than $65, which included the first bag of organic chick starter.

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